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Red for Ed Indiana

It’s Time for a Change

It was an inspiring experience to stand with 15,000 fellow Hoosiers at the “Red for Ed” rally in Indianapolis on November 19th in support of public education, our kids and their futures. However, I was deeply disappointed to read that Rep. Soliday’s response to this historic event was simply that he was “exhausted with hearing” that lawmakers don’t respect teachers. At that moment, I realized that Valparaiso and Indiana deserve new representation that truly supports our public educators and the children of Hoosier families.

However, education is just one very important piece of Indiana’s prosperity puzzle. We’ve witnessed Indiana’s infant mortality rate drop to 50th in the nation, seen poor public education funding create a serious teacher shortage, and are 51st in the nation in access to early childhood education. In addition, Indiana has seen wages fall as we’ve lost union jobs that pay a living wage, offset by an increase in low-paying, non-union job opportunities. It’s become clear to me that Ed Soliday has not contributed positively to Indiana’s well-being, and that it’s time for a change.

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Deb Porter State Representative